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Bodywork for the Ninja250R
The 2008- Kawasaki Ninja 250R has yet again defined kawasaki as being the catagory leader(they invented the 600cc series for one)with this aggressivley styled 250 parallel twin.The Ninja 250R is an incredibly popular bike,in Japan and around the globe,and Magical Racing has worked hard to bring their beautiful bodywork and add-ons for this incredible machine!
Injection Controller for NINJA 250
This device has the following features
Fuel Injection Control
Allows you to make fuel adjustment.
(with the optional connector cable, you can set it up with your PC)

Full Throttle Shifter
Allow you to shift up with full throttle position.
With adjustable fuel cut duration time

Secondary Rev Limiter
Allows you to set up secondary rev limiter which can be used as pit road limiter

Over Revving
Increased rev limit from 500 up to 1000rpm, depending on the model of the bike
(This function is not available for Ninja250)

Mapping Data
Various map data is preinstalled for you to choose from
Over Revving feature is not available for Ninja 250
Injection Controller for NINJA 250 Price
Allows you to set up the Injection Controller from your PC
Optional PC Connector Cable Price
Screen with CFRP Trim
Perfect your Ninja with the legendary Magical Racing carbon trimmed screen available in clear,smoke and supercoat(pictured at left).Beautifully styled and with increased wind and weather protection.
Screen Color Price
Plain Carbon / Clear $239
Plain Carbon / Smoke $249
Plain Carbon / Super Coat $389
Twill Carbon / Clear $249
Twill Carbon / Smoke $259
will Carbon / Super Coat $399
Front Fender With Built In Fork Guards
The perfect front fender for your Ninja 250R!with built in fork guards to protect the stantions from damage.Available in regular and twill carbon(pictured)
Type Price
Plain Carbon $250
Twill Carbon $270
Rear Fender
This rear fender will protect your rear shock from debris as well as adding a additional styling touch to your Ninja.beautifully finished,built tough and guaranteed perfect fitting!(Twill carbon picutured)
Type Price
Plain Carbon $250
Twill Carbon $270
Undercowl Tray
For use on the track as an oil catch,as well as an added styling feature,with the awesome carbon fiber weave proubly displayed!
Type Price
Plain Carbon $299
Twill Carbon $320
Tank Extender
This complex 2 piece unit extends the shape of OEM,allowing for added leverage when hanging off and general sports riding(more grip and leverage due to the added area)This is the reason Moto-gp and WSBK bikes often have this added feature.beautifully crafted in plain or twill carbon(pictured)
Type Price
Plain Carbon $179
Twill Carbon $199
Tandem Seat Cover
Beautifully crafted,superlight tandem seat cover.Perfect fit,finish and construction(Twill carbon pictured)
Type Price
Plain Carbon $199
Twill Carbon $220
Racing Headlight Cover
This awesome headlight cover can be attached and removed in seconds,and with a super secure fit will provide protection for your headlight on the track.Available in black and white FRP(white shown)regular and twill carbon.
Type Price
FRP $60
Plain Carbon $99
Twill Carbon $120
Fenderless Kit
This beautifully crafted fenderless kit will replace the ungainly stock unit,as well as lowering the total weight of your bike and perfect the already increcible styling!Please tell us your license plate mounting holes and we can custom make the fenderless for your countries license plate regulations!
Type Price
Plain Carbon $240
Twill Carbon $260