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Carbon Street Body Work for SUZUKI GSX1100S KATANA | Magical Racing

Since its introduction in 1981,the radical Suzuki GSX1100 Katana has symbolized aggressive motorcycle design.The Katana is still as popular as ever, and Magical Racing has an extensive range of the highest spec add-ons for the Katana.

Screen (20mm Long)
this beautifully crafted screen is 20mm longer than stock,allowing for more wind resistence and ride comfort.Available in 3 finished,and made from the finest acrylic material.
Type Price  
Clear US$129
Smoke US$149
Iridium US$219
Screen (40mm Long)
Screen is 40mm longer than stock.
Type Price  
Clear US$129
Smoke US$149
Iridium US$249
Screen Base
Complete your vision of the perfected motorcycle with this carbon screen base.Possessing the legendary fit,finish and attention to detail that keeps Magical Racing at the top of performance motocycle enhancement.
Type Price  
Twill Carbon US$189
End Cowl (carbon and FRP)
This End Cowl is crafted in twill carbon and black FRP,and uses the OEM light unit.Beautifully crafted and finished.
Type Price  
Twill Carbon US$319
Cowl Lip
Enhance the look and style of your treasured Katana.
Type Price  
Plain Carbon US$99
Front Indicators
All carbon construction,and utilizing replaceable LED indicator units,these are the finest indicators on the market.Beautifully finished and crafted,and available for a wide range of machines.
Type Price  
Twill Carbon US$159
Rear Indicators
Specifically crafted for the Katana,these all carbon rear indicators will complete your treasured bike.
Type Price  
Twill Carbon US$179
Oil Cooler Covers
Protects the oil cooler as well as enhancing styling and aerodynamics.Crafted to a standard and finish that only Magical Racing have.
Type Price  
Twill Carbon US$199
Head Light Cover
Notice the perfect diagonal weave,this is common to all Magical Racing carbon work,and typifies Magical Racing's commitment to quality and attention to detail.
Type Price  
Twill Carbon US$99
Meter Unit Housing
Transforms the stock OEM unit into a trick meter unit worthy of the Katana lineage.Perfectly crafted and finished.
Type Price  
Twill Carbon US$139
Meter Cover
The Katana is the latest bike to benefit from Magical Racing's new meter cover concept!Transform your treasure into a masterpiece of styling and enhanced form.
Type Price  
Twill Carbon US$95
Front Fender
Beautifully crafted front fender for the GSX1100 Katana.Superlight and built to the highest Magical Racing standards.Comes with all mounting hardware.
Type Price  
Twill Carbon US$249
Camshaft Cover
Beautifully made and finished.From Magical Racing and Moto-Works.jp.These all carbon covers are made from a complex mold process,to allow for a perfect fit to your engines camshaft heads.
Type Price  
Twill Carbon US$229
Tank Cover
Incredible add-on that will transform the Katana,and give you countless more hours to admire the German designed masterpiece.Please note the incredible finish and perfect Twill pattern.Details like these put Magical Racing ahead of any other carbon bodywork maker.Beautiful.
Twill Carbon US$349
Chain Guard
Protect you and your bikes chain from the elements as well as enhancing the styling and lines.Crafted from Twill carbon,and built to perfection by Magical Racing!
Type Price  
Twill Carbon US$129
Under Cowl
Super tough and very light.The best undercowl by far for this machine.Enjoy Magical Racing's perfect fit and finish as well as creating your own creation of the unique,brutal Katana!an use with all aftermarket systems and stock side stand.
Type Price  
Twill Carbon US$399
SP Seat Unit
This complete unit comes with a super quality aftermarket seat.Amazing fit and finish(LED light is extra)
Type Price  
FRP US$849