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08-09 GSX1300R HAYABUSA bodywork in Alumitex
For those with need for more distinctive appearance than others.
Alumitex is the silver color reinforced material coated with evaporated aluminum, giving out unique shiny surface. Like other Magical Racings bodyworks, only the highest quality material with their finest workmanship make 08-09 GSX1300R HAYABUSA Alumitex bodywork top notch quality finish.
Screen With Alumitex Trim
Photo shows super coat screen

The finest screens availabe in terms of design, construction and optical quality. Superlight, and built to a standard unequalled in the aftermaket industry.transforms your riding experience providing a superb level of protection and control.

Type Price  
Clear US$259
Smoke US$269
Super Coat US$389
Racer Replica Mirror in Alumitex
Photo shows Type-4 HEAD
Characteristics of the RR Mirrors
Magical Racing Racer Replica mirrors are a modern classic. Beautifully engineered and built,providing vibration free, clear safe vision due to superior engineering,design and the incredible GSG-DP mirrors.
Available in 4 distinct styles,black or silver fittings,

Enjoy the best from Magical Racing amd Moto-Works.jp
Black Elbow Long Stem Price  
Silver Elbow Long Stem Price  
Front Fender With Built In Fork Guards in Alumitex
The most beautifully constructed front fender for the hayabusa! Extremely tough, and built to last many riding seasons to come! With built in fork guards for added aerodynamic effect at high speeds, as well as protecting your DLC coated stantions.
Type Price  
Alumitex US$309
3 Piece Carbon Inner Panel (With Intergrated Dash Cover) in Alumitex
These Alumitex replacement add-ons are built to a finish and fit that only Magical Racing can provide.
Notice the precision of Alumitex weave, jewel like finish and fit.
transform your treasure into a work of art.
From Magical Racing and Moto-Works.jp
NOTE: Removal of Top Bridge is necessary for installation
Type Price  
Alumitex US$599
Tank End in Alumitex
Perfect fit and sleek styling Tank End
Type Price  
Alumitex US$239
Frame Guards in Alumitex
Beautifully constructed frame guards.Perfect construction and weave.
Type Price  
Alumitex US$309
Tandem Seat Cover With Built In Storage Compartment in Alumitex
This new concept from Magica racing incorporates a lightweight Alumitex seat cover with a built in storage compartment for easy assess to tools, power commander etc, as well as providing added styling.
Removable stoarge compartment is accessed by a quick release d-ring. NOTE.
Please use the OEM passenger foam seats latch fitting,not the plastic OEM Suzuki seat cover(they are different)
Type Price  
Alumitex US$299
Fender Eliminator Kit with LED License Light in Alumitex

Improve rear end appearance by Magial Racing's perfect fit Fender Eliminator.

Type Price  
Alumitex US$269
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