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Carbon Street Body Work for SUZUKI 2003-2004 GSX-R1000 | Magical Racing

The mighty GSXR1000!Constant improvements since 2000 has seen the Suzuki flagship
at the front of the race grid,as well as in front of  motorcycle sales with an incredible worldwide following.
The GSXR is a force to be reckoned with,and has been since 1985.
From Magical Racing and Moto-Works.jp

Screen with CFRP Trim
Enhance the performance and look of Suzukis power horse with Magical Racings screen with carbon trim.
The highest quality screen available.Tough new generation supercoat finish,as well as in smoked and clear finishes.
Magical Racing screens comply to all Japanese traffic regulations regarding visability and safety.
Carbon trim allows for complex contouring,light weight as well as superb styling,and the acrylic screen provides the finest clarity,noise reduction and added control
that only these incredible screens have.
Demand the best.Magical Racing Screen with carbon Trim.
Type Price  
Clear $189
Smoke $199
Super Coat $299
Clear(Twill Carbon) $199
Smoke(Twill Carbon) $219
Super Coat(Twill Carbon) $325
Front Fender
Beautifully styled front fender for the K3/4 GSXR1000.Perfect your beauty with this superbly crafted lightweight carbon fender.
Lowered weight helps with handling and performance.
From Magical Racing and Moto-Works.jp
Type Price  
Plain Carbon $249
Twill Carbon $269
Racer Replica Mirror
Type-1 HEAD
European influenced styling.Form and function in one package
Type-2 HEAD
Designed for touring and general street riding.Large mirror area provide an excellent degree of vision
Type-3 HEAD
The most aggressively styled Magical Racing carbon mirror.Aerodynamically engineered with modern single purpose looks.Aggression coupled with safety and purpose
Characteristics of the RR Mirrors
Magical Racing carbon RR mirrors are a modern classic.Beautifully engineered and built,providing vibration free,clear safe vision due to superior engineering,design and the incredible GSG-DP mirrors.
Available in 3 distinct styles,black or silver fittings,
and multiple stem lengths
Enjoy the best from Magical Racing amd Moto-Works.jp
Black Elbow Long Stem Price  
Silver Elbow Long Stem Price  
Meter Cover
Japanese manufacturing at its finest!
Beautifully complex molded covers,incorporating the most complex contours of your superbikes meter unit,and built to a standard and quality only Magical Racing possess.
All the complex contours and curves of the brutal GSXR1000 are reproduced to the most complex angle due to the most advanced molding techniques.
This carbon masterpiece is the latest development in motorbike styling enhancing.
Only from Magical Racing and Moto-Works.jp
Type Price  
Twill Carbon $95